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COMAL Reference Guide

I came across the COMAL Reference Guide as I was browsing through an old TPUG Magazine issue. I had not realized that this book was an actual TPUG publication. So, for completeness purposes, you can find it on the Club Archives page. Thanks to DLH @ bombjack.

Archive Updates

Thanks to DLH and his website, we have filled in some missing spots in our archives. You can now enjoy complete or near complete sets of the TPUG Magazine and The TORPET. Check out the Archives Page.

TPUG Library CD Available

As announced at World of Commodore 2009, TPUG has created a CD containing the entire TPUG Disk Library! Over 1100 disk images (D64 and ADF) containing over ten thousand programs for the C64, VIC20, Amiga, C128, and PET – many of them originals published by TPUG.  Plus Historical Photos, Emulators, and the Library Catalogs in PDF format. […]

About the TPUG Library

TPUG has an impressive library of Public Domain Software: Over 1,000 disks containing over ten thousand programs, many of them originals published by TPUG. The catalogs are available in PDF format below. Download a free PDF viewer here or here. For paper copies of the catalogs, please contact us. A nominal copying/mailing fee will apply. […]