World of Commodore 2016
Saturday December 3 – Sunday December 4, 2016
Vendor setup @ 8:00am
Doors open @ 10:00am
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Vendor table space is available for $10 per each table (96″x30″).

JP PBM Products by MailSuper Snapshot cartridges, New Epyx Joysticks, Commodore 64 and Amiga Software and much more.

RETRO Innovations:   JiffyDOS, uIEC, Easyflash 3, 64NIC+, ZoomFloppy, cables, adaptors, and much more.

Toronto PET Users GroupHardware, Software and Accessories for the complete line of Commodore and Amiga computers, Library Disks, TPUG Memberships. & Vampire V2-600 and V2-500, Amiga FPGA accelerator Demo and sales.  Amiga Accessories.  Special edition Telengard cartridges, Multimax carts, maybe an IEEE interface or two and pixel bead art (custom pieces available)

Randy’s Collection: C64s, a 128, a few printers and plotters, several hardware accessories and some software.

Leif Bloomquist: Commodore Wi-Fi Modems and other custom hardware for the Commodore 64.

If you would like to have a vendor table and your name listed here, please contact us.