World of Commodore 2017
Saturday December 9 – Sunday December 10, 2017
Vendor setup @ 8:00am
Doors open @ 10:00am
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


As always, this list is subject to change.

JP PBM Products by MailSuper Snapshot cartridges, New Epyx Joysticks, Commodore 64 and Amiga Software and much more.

Toronto PET Users GroupHardware, Software and Accessories for the complete line of Commodore and Amiga computers, Library Disks, TPUG Memberships.

Leif Bloomquist: Commodore Wi-Fi Modems and other custom hardware for the Commodore 64.

Francis Bernier: C64 modding items, power management, better audio/video drivers, hardware (monitors, C64 breadbins, printers, cassette tape drives).

Eslapion/FF: Substitutes for various custom Commodore components including PLAnkton (906114-01), TOLB (7701/8701), GandALF (325572-01) and the Behr-Bonz multicart for the VIC-20.

Kevin Casteels: T-shirts, pins, games and custom telecom hardware.

Ciderspace – Robertson Holt – Vintage Mac & SGI systems.

Vendor table space is available for $10 per each table (96″x30″). Visit the Buy Tickets page to reserve and pay for your table space now. If you have already reserved a table and would like your name listed here, please contact us.