Presentation Schedule

World of Commodore 2016
Saturday December 3 – Sunday December 4, 2016
Vendor setup @ 8:00am
Doors open @ 10:00am
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Special guest speaker: Former Commodore engineer, Bil Herd. Bil was head engineer on the Commodore C128 and TED series machines.

We are pleased to welcome the following presentations in 2016:

Schedule is tentative and subject to change!

Saturday December 3rd


10:00 Ian Colquhoun – Opening Remarks

11:00 Syd Bolton – Why Commodore is the Best


12:00 Steve Gray + Leif Bloomquist – The Visual Memory Display

1:00 John Hammarberg – Making of the Globe demo for the Commodore REU


4:00 Jason Kolodziejczak – An in-depth look at Amiga Graphics

5:00 Leif Bloomquist – The SwinSID Ultimate

5:30 Ricardo Quesada – The UniJoysticle unicycle simulator for the Commodore 64 (video presentation)

6:00 ** RAFFLE **

7:00 Dinner Break

9:00 Socializing / Shopping / Hacking

Sunday December 4th


10:00 – Show re-opens

11:00 Ian Colquhoun – The Vampire II Accelerator for the Amiga 600


2:00 Dan Laskowski – Custom MIDI interface hardware for Fastfingers and 6502 ML programming

3:00 Showing of 8 Bit Generation: The Commodore Wars

5:00 Socializing / Shopping / Hacking continues


In addition, the following projects will be on display:

Josh Bensadon – Loading Micro-soft 4K BASIC from papertape on an ALTAIR 8800

Zbigniew Stachniak –  “Digital Archaeology: the annals of the MCM/70 software recovery”

Dan Kovacs –  VIC20 (with Ultimem), C128 with C64NIC+, Commodore 16 and Amiga 1200, 1541 Ultimate II+


If you are interested in being a presenter please contact us!

Check out demos from past WoC shows at TPUG’s YouTube channel.