Announcement: World of Commodore 2016

World of Commodore 2016
Saturday December 3 – Sunday December 4, 2016
Vendor setup @ 8:00am
Doors open @ 10:00am
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I’m happy to announce the formal launch of World of Commodore 2016 and all of the associated web pages. I have changed things around a little this year to hopefully make the info a little easier to access. You will notice the World of Commodore ’16 item in the menu at the top of the TPUG website. You will also notice a WoC 2016 menu in the right side panel.

Take particular note of the “Discuss” link which takes you to the WoC sub forum in the TPUG forums. It would be fantastic to get some buzz happening over there.

If you would like to volunteer to do a demo, run the raffle, or anything else you would like to help out with, please let us know. My contact info can be found on the Presentations page.