Why Join?

Membership Benefits

  • Public Domain Software: Over 1,000 disks containing over 11,000 programs, many of them originals published by TPUG.
  • Monthly Meetings: See our meeting schedule, plus occasional special meetings.
  • TPUG Newsletter: Usually semi-annually, containing mostly new and original articles. See the complete club archive.
  • Vendor Discounts and Liason:Discounts, information, and support for products like:
    • Super Snapshot
    • Novaterm 9.6
  • Membership fees cover web hosting, mailing, meeting space, World of Commodore and other administrative costs.


  • $10 Canadian/year

How to Join

  • Click over to theĀ Become a Member page, fill out and submit the form and send your $10 CAD via PayPal to store@tpug.ca.
  • A volunteer will contact you to confirm that your payment and information has been received and that you are now a member in good standing. Our volunteers are very busy people and don’t always have the chance to jump right on TPUG business. Sometimes it can take a month or two to get things processed. Thanks so much for your patience.


Note that memberships are aligned with the calendar year – they all expire on December 31st each year. If you purchase your membership between September 1st and December 31st, you will be in good standing until the following December 31st.