Someone with soldering skills required

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Someone with soldering skills required

Post by bunnykrusher » Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:13 am

I am looking for someone with soldering skills to help me.

I recently bought a Commodore 64 which does seem to work fine but has a video flicker issue, see video URL here:

This issue is reproducible regardless or display (LCD and CRT) and a different power supply and video cable have already been tested.

It was determined at the last WoC show (by means of an oscilloscope) that the video output is flatulating causing this effect and the result is a suspect capacitor somewhere on the mainboard. One theory is a cap in the RF box.

This is a result of the computer being left in a Garage for 30+ years and subject to changes in humidity and temperate over those years.

That being said, I don\t have any soldering skills to replace the RF box or even a capacitor. I could learn the required skills but that will take me some time and also I don\t want to be this my experimental board and damage the mainboard.

Also because is the age of this computer, other capacitors will need replacing to prevent future failures.

So what I am looking for is someone to help me recap this board or even recommend a service for me.

I am in the Kitchener/Waterloo area and is willing to travel a reasonable distance and even pay someone for parts and time to get this done.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Someone with soldering skills required

Post by Pontiac76 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:57 am

I ain't great at it, but, I do have the tools to do a recap. I am in Waterloo. I've soldered caps as recently as last week on a PC mobo. Its running my PBX just fine, so, I guess I did alright?

Depending on the kind of 64 you have, I have two bread bin machines with no SID but they work fine otherwise. So at worst case, you can walk out of here with another machine and I can bench that machine and replace the caps when I want. If your SID is in a socket, not soldered directly to the board, I can easily yank that chip out and put it in another machine. I don't think I want to take on a board with a SID soldered directly onto the board as I don't have the proper tool to quickly and easily suck up the solder when its hot. (I could go to the electronics shop down by Victoria St to get one. It'd save my bacon I'm sure)

I have a pair of Commodore monitors I can test against.

Drop me a PM with some contact info.