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World of Commodore 2009 Recap

 The World of Commodore 2009 was held on December 5, 2009.   Total attendance was approximately 90 people! Click here for photos and an excellent summary from Glenn Holmer. Click here for a video of the event from”Kaonashi5“. For more details on the demonstrations, please read this forum thread.

TPUG Library CD Available

As announced at World of Commodore 2009, TPUG has created a CD containing the entire TPUG Disk Library! Over 1100 disk images (D64 and ADF) containing over ten thousand programs for the C64, VIC20, Amiga, C128, and PET – many of them originals published by TPUG.  Plus Historical Photos, Emulators, and the Library Catalogs in PDF format. […]